5 Ways to Keep Your Loading Bay Clean

Commercial properties with loading bays find that this area is the main distribution center of the property. As such, over time, these areas become dirty and worn down.

To avoid having a dirty and worn down loading bay, you need to ensure you’re protecting your loading bay. The pressure cleaning experts at Superior Exterior Cleaning offer 5 things you can do to keep your loading bay clean and clear.

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1. Secure Items at All Times

Keeping your loading bay clean requires forethought and meticulous attention to detail. The first way to keep your loading bay clean is to make sure all items that come through your loading bay are secured. One of the best ways to avoid messes is to minimize spills and falling products.

Not only does securing items keep your loading bay clean, but it also helps to protect your products by minimizing damages.

2. Daily Cleaning Schedules

To keep your loading bay clean, you should be cleaning and organizing your loading bay daily. Sweeping, mopping, and inventory are important parts of your loading bay cleaning schedule. By ensuring these actions are done daily, you’re protecting your loading bay from chaotic messes that could slow down your process and damage both your product and your employees.

A daily cleaning schedule doesn’t have to be super in depth. Quick organization tips and cleaning options are great for organizing and cleaning your loading bay between your bigger cleaning appointments.

3. Seal Your Loading Bay

Before you leave for the night and after deliveries/pickups, you should make sure your loading bay is sealed firmly. Garage doors can stick and even the smallest opening can let in dirt, rain, and rodents. By ensuring your doors are secure, you’re protecting your loading bay from the elements and helping to keep the area clean.

If rain, mud, or other contaminants get into the loading bay, make sure to clean these areas up as soon as possible to help protect against the addition of more contaminants.

4. Keep Cleanliness Rules

Keeping your loading bay clean is easier if you have rules for cleanliness with your employees. The best way to protect against dirt and damages is to make sure there are rules both about food and drink.

Everyone gets hungry and thirsty sometimes, but it’s important that your loading bay is kept clean and clear. Having a specific space for meals and drinks can help to protect your products and keep garbage away from your loading bay.

5. Pressure Cleaning

The biggest thing you can impose to keep your loading bay clean is investing in a pressure cleaning company. The experts at Superior Exterior Cleaning offer professional loading bay cleaning to ensure your loading bay is cleaned and protected.

Pressure cleaning blasts away dirt and grime that builds up on the exterior of your loading bay. Our cleaners ensure you’ll have a perfectly clean loading bay you can trust.

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