Why DIY Pressure CleaningIsn’t a Great Idea For Homeowners

You’ve been thinking about cleaning your driveway for a few months. You stop by at Bunnings to grab some bits and pieces and see an advert for a pressure cleaner at $199.99. You think to yourself “This is what I’ve been looking for!” You hurry home and assemble the pressure cleaner. You’ve plugged in the power lead and have attached the hose. You’re ready to clean and are excited to see the satisfying end result.

After 5 minutes you begin to realise that the job isn’t as easy as you thought. You’re covered in water and grime and don’t seem to be making a lot of progress. You push on however as you don’t want to do a half job, besides your friends are supposed to be coming over on the weekend and they will definitely give you a hard time if it looks bad. Your back is aching and you just want the misery to stop. Finally, several hours have passed, you rinse off the driveway and pack away your machine. You hope it looks good as you did sacrifice the best part of the day to do it.

The driveway eventually dries and you are confronted with a bitterly disappointing sight. The driveway is stripy like a Zebra’s hide. It’s a triple blow to the ego, you wasted your precious day off, brought a pressure cleaner you don’t want to look at again and will likely get a cheeky comment or two from your friends when they come over.

What’s Wrong with Doing My Own Pressure Cleaning?

As simple as pressure washing appears on the surface, it’s not the best idea for a DIYer to be tackling. Machines that are affordable for the everyday man are only really suited to washing the car or boat as they offer low pressure and low flow rates (two critical metrics for pressure cleaning power and speed). In order to effectively clean outdoor surfaces and not be spending a whole day to clean an area that takes a professional pressure cleaning company a few hours, you need to have the experience, knowledge, equipment and cleaning agents that only a professional will have.

Damage and Safety

Not knowing the potential dangers of pressure cleaning and exterior cleaning in general can make you end up with a massive headache due to damaging your property. DIY machines in the hands of inexperienced operators stand a good chance of causing issues such as:

  • Scoring, marks and damage to concrete, walls, paint work etc
  • Water damage to electrical outlets, garage controls etc
  • Water ingress into the property

High pressure cleaning carries a few inherent safety risks such as slip and fall risks as well as the obvious danger of highly pressurized water which can cause serious harm if used incorrectly.


Let’s say you manage to navigate your exterior cleaning task without causing damage to your property or yourself. Well done! However, you’ll likely not be satisfied with your work as beginners leave streaks, miss large areas and don’t know the tips and tricks that separate a poor job from a great one.

Why Hire a Pressure Cleaning Professional?

Hiring a professional isn’t as expensive as you think when compared to trying to do it yourself. Subtract the cost of the pressure cleaner and the time spent doing the job yourself and you’ll begin to see why spending the extra money to get a professional job makes sense. A professional exterior cleaning job will not only look far better but will also last longer due to the use of more powerful and specialized equipment and cleaning agents which make a big difference.

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