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roof cleaning to gently wash a variety of roof types in adelaide

Are you looking for professional roof washing in Adelaide? The pressure cleaning experts at Superior Exterior Cleaning provide premier roof washing to the Adelaide area so you know you’re getting the best cleaning option for your home.

Our Adelaide pressure cleaning experts know that keeping your roof clean can be a hassle. It’s not easy to ensure your roof is in the best shape possible, especially when traditional roof washing options require dangerous heights.

The roof washing professionals at Superior Exterior Cleaning are highly trained and approved for work in heights. We know that safety is your number one priority, so we made it our priority too. We adhere to all safety requirements and maintain our insurance licenses to ensure you’re protected throughout the cleaning process.

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Our experts use soft washing techniques to ensure your roof isn’t damaged throughout the cleaning process. Soft washing is a gentle cleaning option that utilizes a low-pressure water spray. You get all the benefits of pressure cleaning without the dangers of high-powered water spray. This is a great option for all your home cleaning projects, including a house washing and window cleaning.

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softwashing for your roof

Soft washing is the best way to ensure your roof is clean and clear throughout the year. Our experts know that pressure cleaning is too damaging for your shingles, which is why we offer premier soft washing.

Our low-pressure washing option utilizes biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaners to break down mold, mildew, and bacteria that makes its home in all the smallest areas on your roof. This cleaner is safe for all your roofing options. We can help with cleaning your colorbond or tile roof cleaning projects.

No matter what roofing options you have on your home, you can trust us to ensure your roof is clean. We do a full individual assessment of each cleaning project we work on to ensure you’re getting the best cleaning options. This assessment will help us choose the right cleaners to break down the dirt and grime on your roof as well as the perfect water pressure to wash away contaminants.

A professional roof washing with pressure cleaning experts is the best cleaning option for your home. We make sure throughout the cleaning process that your outdoor surfaces are protected.

To learn more about how soft washing can benefit your roof washing project, call the experts at Superior Exterior Cleaning today.

Gentle tiled roof cleaning

Looking to get your Adelaide tiled roof cleaned? Superior Exterior can help!

There are two ways that a tiled roof can be cleaned for maintenance purposes, the traditional way is to walk on the roof and pressure clean the tiles to remove the dirt and mold. The method we recommend is called a roof treatment. Here we apply a specialized cleaning solution which will kill the organic growth and leaves you with a clean roof after a period of 6-12 months. Want to know more? Watch the video below.

Why don’t we recommend pressure cleaning a tiled roof for maintenance purposes? Whilst being a durable roofing material, tiles can be easily cracked when walked over which introduces the likelihood of water entering the roof space. High pressure cleaning a tiled roof can on some tiles also shorten their life span as the factory protective coating can be blasted off.

We only recommend pressure cleaning a tiled roof if you are planning a complete roof restoration. A specialized contractor will pressure the clean the roof, repair/replace broken tiles, replace or repair the pointing and will lastly apply multiple coats of a roof sealer. The cost of this procedure however is significantly more expensive than a roof treatment.


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If you are looking to simply enhance the look of your tiled roof by removing the mold, moss and lichen and are patient, then a roof treatment by Superior Exterior is a sound choice.

satisfying roof cleaning rejuvenations

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our satisfied clients

Steve Walkley
Corromandel Valley
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Corbin and his did did an awesome job of cleaning our roof and pavers around our pool. He was very polite and punctual. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services. He is an excellent communicator and offered some great advice.
Alice Jones
Read More
My colorbond roof had never been cleaned. Corbin did a great job cleaning off all the mold and lichen. The difference is amazing.
Betty Banton
Golden Grove
Read More
Corbin did a great job cleaning my roof. The amount of lichen that came off was astounding, I will definitely use Superior Exterior again!
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ready to get your adelaide roof cleaned?


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