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professional bird waste cleaning

Bird waste on and around residential and commercial properties is an unsightly problem. Not only does it make a building look unappealing, it can also pose a health risk if left to build up in great enough quantities.

Often caused by Pigeons, their droppings and nesting material can end up on roofs, awnings, exterior cladding and entrance ways. The build up of waste causes unwanted odors, blockages and will degrade paints and other finishes due to its acidity.

To keep your home or business looking and feeling fresh, it is important to get these areas cleaned professionally before it gets any worse.


why use a professional exterior cleaner for bird waste?

Our team are your best choice in Adelaide for bird waste cleaning. We come equipped with powerful pressure cleaners and have a host of effective cleaning agents to help budge tough bird dropping stains.

Bird waste cleaning is commonly used to make a building look better. However it is also a vital step in preparing a building for bird proofing through the using of bird spikes and other anti-bird measures.

We can safely and effectively remove bird waste from a range of exterior surfaces and can also arrange responsible disposal if required.

our satisfied clients

Jodie Prymke
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Lovely guys who did a wonderful job cleaning the exterior of my heritage listed building. Thank you for your care and attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Gibson
West Beach
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Superior Exterior Cleaning did a great job and were reasonably priced. Corbin was a pleasure to deal with - Super responsive and professional. Would definitely recommend this service.
Dr Amitava Mukhopadhyay
Golden Grove
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Honest and dedicated service. I highly recommend his service
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