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If you are planning to repaint your home or business in Adelaide then the first step ensuring a successful paint job is the preparation. A key part in paint preparation is making sure that the surface is clean and free of any contaminants that can cause the paint work to fail prematurely.

The building washing experts at Superior Exterior Cleaning are your go to team for any pre-paint cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. We thoroughly clean off dirt, mold and traffic grime so that a building is left sparkling clean, ready for it’s new paint job.

Our team can quickly and effectively clean homes and buildings of all sizes. We have large industrial pressure cleaners which allow us to clean large buildings far quicker than what you could achieve with small machines.


why is it important to prepare exterior surfaces for painting?

The exterior of a building is subjected to a multitude of contaminants. Dust, dirt, cobwebs, mold, traffic grime and soot can be present on outdoor surfaces. If you are planning to repaint an exterior surface then adequate surface preparation is key.

You can spend top dollar on high end exterior paints, but it will mean little if the surface is dirty. Exterior paint will fail prematurely if the surface hasn’t be adequately cleaned. It’s simple, the paint will be sticking to the contaminants as opposed to sticking to the surface like it is intended to.

The experienced team at Superior Exterior Cleaning will thoroughly clean both residential and commercial properties in preparation for paint. We utilize a low pressure method coupled with effective cleaning agents to remove a range of common exterior contaminants so that the surface is as clean as it can be before painting.

Need multi story buildings cleaned? Superior Exterior can help. We are licensed to use all types of EWP’s and are trained at working safely at heights.


our satisfied clients

Jodie Prymke
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Lovely guys who did a wonderful job cleaning the exterior of my heritage listed building. Thank you for your care and attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Gibson
West Beach
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Superior Exterior Cleaning did a great job and were reasonably priced. Corbin was a pleasure to deal with - Super responsive and professional. Would definitely recommend this service.
Dr Amitava Mukhopadhyay
Golden Grove
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Honest and dedicated service. I highly recommend his service
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