Superior Exterior are dedicated to providing the best exterior cleaning services in Adelaide. So, what does that look like for you, the customer? We treat you and your home with respect. We take our time to do a thorough job, no rushing or cutting corners. We pride ourselves on being professional operators, whether it’s our equipment, appearance or cleaning methods, you can expect a well-oiled team to work at your property.

The small things are of importance to us too, showing up on time and maintaining clear communication are two aspects many service-based business miss the mark on. Not at Superior Exterior however, we respect your time!

Superior Exterior are a small, locally owned business which means you can count on getting a service from experienced and enthusiastic staff which produce a fantastic result without causing mess or damage. Why pay extra for larger companies that must pass onto you their sizeable overheads?

All our solutions are biodegradable and eco-friendly.  As a precaution, on every job we utilize a thorough landscape protection procedure which ensures no plants are damaged by watering the plants before, during and after the cleaning.  We also thoroughly rinse all surfaces after the cleaning is completed, this makes it safe for your pets and family to use right away. We make sure your landscaping looks as good as it did before we arrived.

In addition to our landscape protection procedure, we utilize several other measures such as protecting electrical outlets/appliances where necessary, taping over gaps in doors if needed and protecting doors, windows and fittings/fixtures if we are required to use certain cleaning solutions.

When cleaning around a pool we use vacuum recovery to minimize debris/run off from entering the pool.

Certainly not! If we have access to the areas we need to clean, a garden tap and external power point then we are good to go! Whether you are home or not, it doesn’t affect our ability to produce a great result.  Please see the above FAQ’s about preparing for a house wash or pressure clean.

We don’t offer a window cleaning service by itself however an exterior window clean is included in our house washing package which will make your entire home shine, not just the windows!

We often do jobs where a client has started off attempting to clean their outdoor surfaces with a DIY pressure cleaner, only to realise that it is extremely inefficient and the result they’re producing is poor, so they decide to call the professionals at Superior Exterior. 

DIY pressure cleaners and hire units have significantly less performance when compared to a professional level machine. This allows us to clean areas in minutes that would take a homeowner hours. Not to mention the result we will achieve will be a uniformly cleaned surface, not one that is covered in stripes like a zebra. If you value your time, then we’d strongly suggest hiring a professional exterior cleaning service.

Aside from the performance of the equipment, we also possess the necessary knowledge and experience to clean a variety of surfaces safely and effectively. In inexperienced hands, one can quickly cause costly damages to their home. Due to our experience, equipment, and knowledge, our cleans will also last far longer than that of a DIYer.

For someone who values their time and a professional job, it’s clear to see that hiring a professional exterior cleaning service is the wise choice to make.

We sure can, our equipment allows us to clean up to 3 stories from the ground, anything above that then we will likely need to utilize an EWP (Elevating Work Platform) or scaffold system.

We require payment to be made in full once the work has been completed. We accept card, cash or bank transfer. We are setup to receive card payments on site. If you aren’t home at the time of service, you can easily make payment online.

To get the best out of your house washing service, we ask that you do the following before our arrival: 1) Close all windows and doors. 2) Move any outdoor furniture etc. away from the edge of the home to avoid damage 3) If you can, place an old towel on the floor inside your exterior doors which can absorb any water that may enter due to defective door seals.

To get the best surface cleaning result please do the following before our arrival: 1) Close all windows and doors. 2) Remove all objects from the surfaces that are to be cleaned (furniture, pots etc), anything that can’t be easily moved, we will clean around as best we can.

Another consideration, but by no means critical would be to edge lawns and trim over hanging bushes in areas that could affect our cleaning.  It’s our aim to provide a thorough clean every time, these guidelines help us achieve that for you.

Pressure washing relies on the force of water to clean a surface. Higher pressures (between 500-5000psi) are used to effectively clean hard, durable surfaces such as concrete, brick and stone. Soft washing on the other hand relies on a biodegradable cleaning solution delivered at garden tap pressure to clean a surface.  With the soft washing method, it’s the cleaning solution which is doing the work as opposed to the force of water in pressure washing.

Soft washing, due to its low-pressure delivery is most often used to safely clean roofs, buildings and other surfaces which can potentially be damaged by high pressure cleaning. The soft wash solution effectively kills mold, algae and lichen and helps to also remove dirt and cobwebs.  We often follow our concrete/paver cleaning with a soft wash to help brighten the surface by removing black spots and mold staining.

At Superior Exterior, we utilize both methods of cleaning (often hand in hand) as they excel in different scenarios. Our technicians are trained so that the appropriate cleaning method and level of pressure used is both effective and safe for the surface being cleaned.

Of course! We carry $20 million public liability insurance, you and your home are protected.

Yes we do, however we prefer to call it a roof treatment as opposed to a roof clean. A roof treatment is a gentle, low pressure method where we apply a specialized treatment to a tiled roof to kill lichen, mold and moss. The treatment breaks down the organic systems on the roof and over a period of 6-12 months, the growth will fall off the roof with help from the wind and rain.  With patience, you’ll see your roof transform back to a visually appealing state.

If you are patient, don’t want to risk property damage and want to maintain the natural look of your roof, then a roof treatment is the best choice.

The other method is to use a pressure cleaner. Pressure cleaning a tiled roof is risky business, for one, the technician must walk on the roof which increases the chance of breaking tiles and consequently risking water getting into the roof space which can cause damage to the ceiling.   We’d only suggest getting your tiled roof pressure cleaned if you are planning to do a complete roof restoration (clean, replace broken/damaged tiles, repoint, and repaint) which is significantly more expensive than a treatment. If you are interested in a full roof restoration, we can point you in the direction of some specialist contractors.

The easiest way is to click here which will take you to our online quote form. Fill in your details and you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss your exterior cleaning needs. Alternatively feel free to call us on 0475 399 746 or send an email to [email protected]

We stand behind the services we provide and work that we produce. We set realistic expectations and offer transparent advice. If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll fix it until you are.

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