Creating Curb Appeal to Get Buyers In the Door

You can do all the marketing you want and have your house listed at the right price, but what gets those potential buyers through your front door is curb appeal. Superior Exterior explains that how your house looks on the outside can determine whether a buyer gives your house a fighting chance.

The Importance of First Impressions

A potential home buyer makes an opinion about your home within seconds of pulling in the driveway. The outside of your home is a good indication of your inside, so making sure your home’s curb appeal is inviting and tidy can ensure a positive first impression resulting in more foot traffic through your front door. Not only will it get more action, but one study shows that great curb appeal prompts a buyer to pay more.

It doesn’t take a great deal of work to update the front of your home and give it more value and presence. There are small projects that can give your home a wow factor quickly and easily.

Shutters, Garage Door, Trim and Front Door

Painting, staining or replacing your home’s shutters, garage door and trim gives a clean, unified look. Finding a contrasting colour to paint the front door and adding a floral wreath can add a fun design element, warmth and charm. While you are painting shutters and trim around the windows, check your seals to make sure there are no cracks. This not only adds visual value but, as Tight House notes, energy-saving value for the homebuyer.

Hardware, Light Fixtures and Mailbox

To give your entryway more character, get creative and have a little fun updating the front door knob and garage door handles. You can even add decorative hinges to your garage door to make a design statement. Updating your front door light fixtures and your mailbox to something more unique and grand also adds character. First Impression Home Inspections suggests making sure your outdoor lighting works and adding solar lighting so when buyers are driving by at sundown they can see the home’s charm.

Landscaping and Fencing

Sometimes pulling out those overgrown bushes can tug at your heart, but they prevent the buyer from seeing windows and lush lawn. If needed, replace them with younger evergreen shrubs that can add greenery and interest throughout the entire year. Depending on the season, update your annuals and lay new mulch to add colour. Repair any wooden fencing, pressure clean and re-stain or paint it if needed.

Any rust showing on a wire fencing can quickly be spray painted. Completing these types of small fixes not only helps curb appeal but lessens the list of repairs a potential buyer will have to do and creates a better selling opportunity.

Cleaning Up and Keeping It Clean

Dingy, stained driveways and walkways can be pressure cleaned by pros like Superior Exterior to bring back the original colour. If the siding on the house needs a bath, pressure clean that as well. Once you get your lawn in shape, take extra time each week to keep the grass mowed, weeds pulled and hedges trimmed for a continuously fresh look. Even if flowers aren’t blooming and trees aren’t green, having leaves raked, the grass mowed and empty pots and lawn decor stored presents a tidy and welcoming home.

The curb appeal of your home shows pride in your property and adds value to your home and to the neighbourhood. The time and money you spend to create a positive first impression can bring more serious buyers through your front door and will be paid back to you in the resale of your home.

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By: Patrick Young –

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